Everyone deserves a little elegance

Unique limited edition clothing and accessories

The concept of Elegant Annswers was born out of necessity. Elegant and classy clothing that fit and accessories that coordinated were a challenge to find.

Not everyone fits into the traditional cookie-cutter clothing that is readily available with fast fashion today. There had to be something better.

We are committed to providing the highest quality products with exceptional service.

Some of our services and products

Ready to Wear | Elegant Annswers

Ready to Wear Collections

Ready to Wear Collections feature limited edition items that are ready for pick up or shipping today!

In Person Sewing Instruction | Elegant Annswers

In Person Sewing Instruction

Your skill level does not matter – beginners to advanced. Learn to sew or improve your current skills.

Alterations and Tailoring | Elegant Annswers

Alterations & Tailoring

Alterations and tailoring services can turn that perfect outfit into one with the perfect fit.

Small Run Manufacturing | Elegant Annswers

Small Run Manufacturing

Have an idea or patterns for manufacturing? From patterns to finishing work. Small runs okay.

Looking for something custom?

High quality clothing that simply fits

Why alter? Buy custom!

If  you are not a standard size, sometimes it can lead to extensive alterations to achieve the perfect fit. These can get costly. Consider getting custom fit clothing made to order.

Quality Materials | Elegant Annswers

Start with quality fabrics

The quality of fabrics and other materials used does make a difference as this can determine the overall life and wearability of the garment.

Attention to details | Elegant Annswers

Attention to details

We take pride in the overall construction and assembly process. Focus on the details increases the overall value of the finished garment. Couture quality is in the details.

Constructed in Alvin, Texas | Elegant Annswers

Constructed in Alvin, Texas

All construction and assembly of your garments is completed in Alvin, Texas. Right here in the United States instead of shipping it overseas. 

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“Fashion comes and goes, but style is eternal.”
– Yves Saint Laurent

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