Meet Elegant Annswer’s Master Seamstress

Ann Marie

Owner, Designer, Master Seamstress & Tailor

Ann Marie is the Master Seamstress and mastermind behind Elegant Annswers.

She loves sewing and has since middle school, but she did not take any sewing classes until college. While in college, she competed in Neil Hammel’s Little Black Dress competition.

In 1990, she started doing clothing alterations. This was followed by custom sample pieces ranging from swimwear to suits. She quickly ventured into wedding gowns and evening wear.

Ann Marie has tried her hands at reupholstering items but quickly returned to clothing manufacturing of both children’s and adult wear.

She also does pattern drafting and alterations as well as investor sample pieces for new designers.


Her skills include (but are not limited to):

  • Fashion Design
  • Apparel Construction
  • Alterations
  • Tailoring
  • Pattern Making
  • Sewing Instruction

Solving the elegance and fitting problem

Elegant Annswers was founded as a solution to the owner’s personal problems finding elegant and unique items that fit. Often, finding unique items to add to more traditional and classic pieces is hard in today’s clothing industry.

Many people do not understand how important the overall fit of a garment is. When the clothing we wear simply fits it completes the style and pulls it all together. A good fit builds confidence and creates a feeling of empowerment.

Over 30 years of sewing experience

As a master seamstress who has been sewing for over 30 years, she understands the art of sewing and design. She started out studying men’s wear and moved into women’s wear collections. She has been doing small run manufacturing of kids clothes for small boutiques coast to coast.

Quality Materials | Elegant Annswers

Only the Finest Materials

We enjoy seeking out new fabrics to try as we create a new pieces for the ready-to-wear and custom collections.

Customer Feedback | Elegant Annswers

Customer Feedback

We enjoy hearing what our clients are looking for and would like to see more of. This helps us create more desired pieces in the future.

Variety | Elegant Annswers

Custom Styling

We offer a wide variety of ready-to-wear and custom-sewn items to help you create your own personal style.

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“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.”
Giorgio Armani